Data Centre and Data Security

Our equipment is located in a Data Centre where the building has security staff on site 24/7 with CCTV cameras (both internal and external), motion detection and a key fob access system ensure a high level of security with multiple layers of defence.

The facility is supplied by two diverse 6.6KV feeds from the national grid. Two 2MW Generators with at least 7 days’ supply of fuel, provide capability to sustain long power outages

APC UPS units, in n+1 mode provide power to sustain load until the generator starts up as well as ensuring a clean electrical supply

N+1 Air conditioning is provided by under floor cooling, the air flow directed appropriately by grilles in the floor. The capacity of the equipment is such that a failure of one unit can be handled by the other units

The network is monitored 24/7 from multiple countries, sophisticated and self-healing it looks after itself when network conditions change. Bandwidth (10Gbps fibre) is aggregate from the world’s major suppliers using multiple feeds.

Every single router, switch, firewall and managed server is monitored internally. Any outages are notified instantly by e-mail and SMS to an on-call engineer. For further peace of mind, saturation on links is also monitored. This allows any potential issues which may be arising, for example attacks, or compromised machines to be dealt with quickly.




Customer References

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