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Labnetworx sign agreement with Compliance Control Ltd. to become first ComplianceControl Centre partner in India

Compliance Control Ltd. are delighted to announce a new strategic alliance and partnership with Labnetworx, offering ComplianceControl Centre, an Electronic Quality and Document Management System, to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the highly regulated Life Sciences, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries.

Labnetworx is a privately owned healthcare, pharma & life sciences management company, with a track record of ensuring clients are not held back by their requirement to comply to industry regulations. Labnetworx offer hands-on expertise, combined with a strong bias for implementation including the following solutions – Accreditation & Document Management, Audit services, Quality Management Systems and Healthcare Information Technology.

Labnetworx is led by Director Dr Sunil Tadepalli, who has more than 20 years experience in the Clinical Diagnostics & Pharmaceutical Industry in India & the Middle-East,

Dr Tadepalli stated “We understand our clients need a system that is available and can be validated easily, to maintain the standards required for any audit or assessment protocol. ComplianceControl Centre is an ‘Off the Shelf’ (GAMP®5 Category 3) product, which means that the system can be operational and fully validated within a few days.”

Labnetworx’s mission is linked closely with that of Compliance Control Ltd. who believe that SMEs in the healthcare, pharma and life sciences industries, should have access to a secure cost- effective system that reduces the time spent on managing documents, controlling quality and preparing for audits.

David Forrest, Chief Executive of Compliance Control Ltd. explains “We are delighted to start this opportunity with Labnetworx in India as part of a global partner expansion programme.”

Mr Forrest continued, “Due to constant innovation, companies in regulated industries do not have the time, money or expertise to ensure they meet standards without compromising their R&D investment and time to market. They require easy to use and quick to implement systems that can manage their documents and procedures on a day-to-day basis. This partnership is a catalyst for innovation within the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry”.

Compliance Control Ltd. has the know-how to free SMEs from their time-consuming, and inefficient to manage, paper based document and quality management systems. This experience in witnessing the compliance and quality pit-falls that companies fall into as they grow, has meant Compliance Control Ltd. are excited and passionate about helping new enterprises to implement an electronic system from the very start, that can be controlled and grow as quickly as the enterprise.

ComplianceControl Centre has recently launched a new version of its Electronic Document and Quality Management System. The system manages documentation, equipment, training records, audits, corrective actions and preventative actions, to ensure proactive compliance management and is particularly proficient in providing visibility of compliance across all offices and laboratories.

Compliance Control Ltd.

Compliance Control Ltd. provides Compliance, Validation and Quality Consultancy Services and Products to the life science and pharmaceutical global markets. Services include Quality, Compliance and Validation planning and strategy, Documentation and Testing, along with a series of Auditing services and Training courses.

ComplianceControl Centre is an Electronic Document and Quality Management system specifically designed for Startups, Spin-outs and SME’s, in particular in the Life Science, Biotech, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, CMO, CRO, Laboratories, Universities, Research Centres, etc. and similar technological and regulated industries, small companies that traditionally do not use software systems to manage their Quality and Compliance.

ComplianceControl Centre is priced for SMEs so that they can manage their Quality and Compliance electronically and it is applicable to many companies but in particular companies that wish to be compliant to standards or regulations: ISO 9001, 13485, 14000, 17025, 18001, 27001, CE Mark, FDA, MHRA, ICH, GxP, etc.

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Compliance Control Ltd.

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Contact person: David Forrest

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Customer References

  • I can certainly recommend Compliance Control as experts in this field and they will add value and deliver on your project. CFO, Major Pharma Company
  • Compliance Controls Consultants brought immediate expertise to our team as part of our drive into the European market. Vice President, Research & Development, Pharma Company
  • We wanted an organization with proven experience ensuring our organization can meet EU regulatory requirements. Business Development Manager, Phama Company
  • I would like to personally express my great appreciation for all your excellent work and great support with the validation of our IT infrastructure and software. Managing Director, Compounding Centre, UK
  • ComplianceControl Centre was selected because it is easy to use, quick to set up, and was a validated, cost effective solution for an organization of our size. We wanted a system that we could rapidly implement. Vice President, Research & Development, Pharma Company
  • Working with Compliance Control Consultants and their software products ComplianceControl Centre and cGARD helped us to understand the regulatory requirements of IT and business systems more clearly. IT Director, Pharma company
  • Using ComplianceControl Centre will help us to ensure that we are always inspection ready, by tracking our critical Quality and Compliance activities. Vice President, Research & Development, Pharma Company
  • It has been a pleasure working with you and your team and I am looking forward to co-operating with your company on similar projects in the future. Managing Director Compounding Centre UK
  • Based on your achievements and delivered results, we have started the process of building up our internal team for continuation of the work started by you. Managing Director, Pharma Company
  • cGARD has become the new rage here ! Sr. Manager, Documentation and Training, Major Pharma Company





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