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Compliance Control moves into the BioHub at Alderley Park


Compliance Control have opened a virtual workspace at the BioHub at Alderley Park.  The move will give us the opportunity to engage with the companies at the BioHub and help them with their Compliance and Quality requirements, as well as automate their quality processes with the implementation of our Electronic Quality and Document Management System ComplianceControl Centre.

The Software as a Service can be started with as little as 1 user and can be up and running within an hour, and fully validated to MHRA/FDA guidelines within 5 days!

Logging on from any browser, via WIFI gives clients instance access to all their business, project, compliance, quality and regulatory critical information, even from the BioHub Cafe!

Most of the companies are small startups working with a virtual team, some based at the BioHub, others at national and international BioHubs, most are collaborating with partners, universities, suppliers, big pharmaceutical companies.

Sean Forrest, Operations Manager commented: “We see tremendous growth at the BioHub, and it maps 100% onto our target market. Small innovative pharma, biotech and medical device companies, need to be compliant and regulated. They need to conform to International Standards such as ISO 9001, 13485, 17025, etc. and also may be regulated by MHRA, FDA”.

“Our presence will also allow us to give ongoing support to existing clients, and provide us with the opportunity to generate new business”.

If you see Sean around the park please do introduce yourself to him and say hello. 


Customer References

  • I can certainly recommend Compliance Control as experts in this field and they will add value and deliver on your project. CFO, Major Pharma Company
  • Compliance Controls Consultants brought immediate expertise to our team as part of our drive into the European market. Vice President, Research & Development, Pharma Company
  • We wanted an organization with proven experience ensuring our organization can meet EU regulatory requirements. Business Development Manager, Phama Company
  • I would like to personally express my great appreciation for all your excellent work and great support with the validation of our IT infrastructure and software. Managing Director, Compounding Centre, UK
  • ComplianceControl Centre was selected because it is easy to use, quick to set up, and was a validated, cost effective solution for an organization of our size. We wanted a system that we could rapidly implement. Vice President, Research & Development, Pharma Company
  • Working with Compliance Control Consultants and their software products ComplianceControl Centre and cGARD helped us to understand the regulatory requirements of IT and business systems more clearly. IT Director, Pharma company
  • Using ComplianceControl Centre will help us to ensure that we are always inspection ready, by tracking our critical Quality and Compliance activities. Vice President, Research & Development, Pharma Company
  • It has been a pleasure working with you and your team and I am looking forward to co-operating with your company on similar projects in the future. Managing Director Compounding Centre UK
  • Based on your achievements and delivered results, we have started the process of building up our internal team for continuation of the work started by you. Managing Director, Pharma Company
  • cGARD has become the new rage here ! Sr. Manager, Documentation and Training, Major Pharma Company





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